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Cebu People Express

Since more than 10 years we operate at MEZ II as the official Employee Shuttle Service!

Cebu People Express is a fully registered Public Transport Corporation, which main purpose is to provide Public Transport. Cebu People Express started to operate in the year 2000 with 28 Public Utility Vehicles in Cordova.


Cebu People Express commitment is to transport people in clean and safe Public Transport Vehicles (MultiCabs), with selected and thoroughly tested drivers, from MEZ II to MEZ I and from MEZ II to Mandaue, which are Cebu's most frequented commercial and industrial areas with a fleet of 60 Vehicles.


Cebu People Express closly cooperate with Public Transport Authorities like LTO, LTFRB, PNP, TMS, Barangay’s and especially with the AboitizLand the MEZ II Management, to improve MEZ II and Mactan's Public Transport need. Cebu People Express operates 6 days a week from 4am to 11:30pm.


  • Cebu People Express operates since more than 10 years as the official MEZ II Employee Shuttle!
  • Cebu People Express transports daily more than 15’000 People!
  • Cebu People Express gives work to more than 80 Families!
  • Cebu People Express operates with experienced drivers and well maintained vehicles!

Lumenaria K. Honegger
President & Chief Executive Officer

Cebu People Express;
...because we are proud to transport you!